Let the editing begin.

Finding the way back to writing-2I received the first round of notes from my editor at Text Publishing late last month. It’s the email I’ve been waiting on for months. It’s the green light after being at a red long enough to wonder if it was all a dream, or if someone somewhere had changed their mind. The notes are detailed, kind, and so spot on. My book is going to be infinitely better because of them, and because of my editor Jane Pearson. I feel like I should be in turmoil, but instead I’m thrilled. A little vulnerable, sure, but I can’t believe I can finally get going. Please Don’t Hug Me is going to be a real book!

Jane explained exactly what the editing process is going to look like going forward and wow, there sure is a lot of writing to this author gig. Honestly though, my eyes are open to the amount of work that goes into turning a manuscript into an actual book. At the moment I’m working on my first edit, which is a lot of big picture stuff like plotting and character building and getting the format to really work. I’ll work on this for a couple of months and send it back. Jane will then basically go through with a fine-tooth comb and do what’s called a ‘line edit’. It’s just what it sounds like; when my manuscript comes back to me it’s going to have editing notes line-by-line through the whole thing that I will then work through. After that comes type-setting and proof-reading, as well as exciting things like a cover design, print date and an official launch date.

It’s a collaborative process and it’s very clear that I have every right to refuse or rebut any suggestions during the editing process I don’t think will work. At this stage though, it’s all golden. It’s all insight from an industry professional who cares about my story and wants to make it better. There have been so many lightbulb moments in those notes that have helped me really focus on what Please Don’t Hug Me is about.

So I might be a little quiet as I get stuck in, but if you have any tips on editing a manuscript and surviving this part of the process, please do share.

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